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From tinkering with Raspberry Pi microcomputers to automating our own homes, to coming up with cool renewable energy projects. Make an emergency light. Turn an old laptop screen into.

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LEDs, arduinos, USBs and more. Bring out your inner geek with these great ideas! The mini projects are designed to be very helpful for engineering students and professionals . Some interesenting diy projects with easy-to-follow step by step instructions. Do it yourself kits for fun and hobby.

In this project , we will see how to make an RGB LED Matrix using simple components. LED Matrix is one of the popular Arduino projects among several DIY and hobby projects. Check out our open source DIY projects and start building your own projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison today.

We feature a lot of different DIY electronics projects on Lifehacker, but the barrier for entry might seem high at a glance. Today we want to help you out and point you in the right direction with some of our favorite geeky DIY gadget projects we have seen so far. If you are a steampunk geek into tech and other gadgets, this is a must do DIY project ! Building our geeky ideas has never before been so easy. Now is the time to learn DIY electronics , and these are our top recommended resources for doing just that. The educational quality of your video will be checked.

Montage-type videos without project details are not allowed. Your video should show something unique. Please read the announcement for . The Raspberry Pi has long been the hobbyist choice for DIY electronics projects. Here are ten of our favorite projects that make use of its size.

Free electronics projects and circuit diagrams for hobbyists. Complete instructions how to make your own electronic devices. Schematics of power supplies, LED devices, audio amplifiers.

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Are you an electronics enthusiast such as my self? Then try this free simple electronics projects that. Learn How to Build Our Featured DIY Electronic Projects and Kits.

LED Cube Kits and PCB Board Electronics Project.