Mythic plus guide

This page is now updated to 7. Meaning, you need to gather a premade party of yourself or join a party. Best way to find or create one is via the Group . Your quick guide to all things mythic plus. Tips and tricks on how to best handle this as a protection warrior in WoW legion. Aside from that, the below information is still mostly accurate.

Mythic plus pull guide 17. Beacon of Virtue replaces Beacon of Light. Cleave Move behind boss during Congealing Vomit. Change Position Drag the boss to the Congealed Goos while you help kill them.

The Goos spawn from Congealing Vomit. Pull the boss onto the puddles that appear from killed Goos so that . Download the Official MPH Addon on Curse. Get all the most important info about every player with a single keystroke using our Official MPH Addon.

Some rows are more forgiving if you want to take something else, while other rows are not. We will specify how much the choice matters and provides reasons why each talent is different. Last week I told you why you should buy carries from us (click here to read the article). Created with Highcharts 5. Unlock extra customizations . Each dungeon requires you to kill all the bosses plus a certain number of trash mobs in a set amount of time.

You can try to learn these paths by watching videos or running as DPS. Antorus , the Burning Throne TL;DR. Some changes are expected to come after the raid launches.

Tier set bonuses are now accounted for in this guide. Talent, stat and rotational . Introduced with Warlords of Draenor, it is the new cutting edge difficulty, replacing the position of Heroic raid difficulty. Hello everyone and welcome to the Legion Holy Priest Guide ! Holy in Legion has grown a great . Developed by some of the best Resto Shamans in World of Warcraft.

A comprehensive Restoration Druid guide , updated for patch 7. Features spell usage information, talent builds, addons, and general tips. My name is Melgane, one of the many Staff members of howtopriest.