Swisspearl colors

The carefully chosen full-body color and color finishes, each in their own way, emphasize the unmistakable aesthetics of the material, and combine material and color to form a single whole. Memebr of the swisspearl group. However, besides the aesthetic criteria it also has to meet the very highest demands of resistance against extreme weather. It must serve as protection against blazing sunlight, storms, rain, hail and snow.

These significant technological advances are the backbone of the Swiss quality. Square Feet of Panel: 1000.

De omsorgsfullt valda genomfärgade och färgade ytbehandlingarna framhäver, var och en på sitt sätt, materialets omisskännliga estetik och skapar en sammanhängande helhet genom att kombinera . The unique, natural look and timeless beauty of the monolithic material has a delicate vein texture which provides an exciting and noble . Yet some architects use the colors more selectively and to startling effect, such as . The printed colors may differ from the original shade of the color. To see the exact color , and when matching up colors on adjacent parts of a building, one must use the original panel samples. The natural ingredients used in the fiber cement panels will to some extent determine the unique character of the material.

The widest range of homogenously through colored cement composite panels. Specialty Wood Products, Inc. Fascinating shades of colors can be achieved by changing lighting and viewing angle.

Surface coated façade panels. I DESIGNING WITH SWISSPEARL. For critical determination of colors , for color combinations and for color matching with adjacent elements, use color.

These premium Swiss panels are available in numerous standard shades, in various distinctive finishes. In addition to the standard colors , more than 0customized colors can be . Swisspearl panels with their high-quality coatings are very durable. Fully developed and proven cladding system which effectively protects the building structure, and with it the whole building, from the elements for decades.

The intensity and color tone may vary slightly depending on the production batch. More details can be found on our website. Useable finished panel sizes, after all four panel edges have been trimmed off. See what people are saying and join.

Get inspired about their products . Made from a high quality cement composite, the incredibly durable panels are integrally colored with a delicate vein texture, which imparts a monolithic appearance.